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  10. The more I read Fjordman's responses to such evil lies, the more I think David vs. Goliath. I hope and pray that many Norwegians are coming out of their fantasies and political stupor and reading him afresh.With the horrors coming out of Denmark and the news that the Seals rescued Danish hostages in Somalia, I wonder how much longer the press can continue in its vacuum without imploding completely.

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  23. re #58 Elizabelth Warren she has no power. She is on a “Blue Ribbon” panel. Any political science professor in college will tell you if you wanted to delay or kill something down in Washington DC hand it over to a “Blue Ribbon Panel”.

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  28. Hi Barbara,Loved reading your Sebdai blog and I loved Sendai too! My aunty & uncle lived there for 2 years, teaching English. Sob, they`re back in Aust. now, so I have no more free accommodation up there!!Best wishes,Hayley

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  130. . You are wonderful and honest and true….just what this country needs. I wish a person didn’t need a lot of money to run for office. I know that sounds naive and ridiculous, but I think if that were so we’d have good choices and much harder decisions to make when we vote. The choices in my opinion have always been awful….I have to choose who would do the least amount of damage, and that just HAS to STOP!!!!!!!!! I’m fed up but I always vote because I love my country and it matters. God Bless You The South!!

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